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Below is a letter that Dan Jones, our Spring 2011 VP, wrote to help fund raise for Heifer International. It includes a description of the charity, of our planned goals, why it is a good charity to support, and the ECO mailing address for checks. Please copy and paste the letter into an email or Word document send it to your relatives, family friends, or anybody else that you think would be willing to help us out. It will only take a little bit of your time and could make a big difference. You never know who will be generous, so don’t be afraid to send it to several people.

Hi everybody,

This semester Truman State University’s Environmental Campus Organization (ECO) is raising money for Heifer International to help impoverished people set up sustainable farms in developing countries. Our goal in this charity effort is to reduce dependence of struggling families on the fluctuating international grain trade, poaching for meat, and grain donations from the US which are inefficient, provide inadequate nutrition, and lead to population increases that perpetuate the cycle of famine, violence over resources, and environmental destruction.

Heifer’s gifts of sustainable food production offer long-term, community based solutions which lift hard working people out of extreme poverty and include agreements with recipients to pass on their extra seed and gift animal offspring with others in their community. This means that one donation can potentially improve the standard of living for an entire village over time. Recipients are also given free education regarding environmentally responsible, sustainable agricultural development as well as strict animal welfare training from professional veterinarians.

The first gift planned through this fundraising effort is Heifer’s “Gardener’s Basket,” which provides everything that a family would need to start a sustainable farm, including seed, tree seedlings to prevent erosion and combat deforestation, rabbits to generate organic fertilizer, chickens to eat pests and provide eggs, a hive of bees to pollinate crops and produce honey, and all the education necessary to get established, all for $170. For the over 2,000,000,000 people living on less that $2 a day, this would be a near impossible burden, but for us it is a completely achievable way to drastically improve the lives of others. Once this goal is achieved, ECO will continue its efforts throughout the Spring 2011 semester to make as great of a positive impact through Heifer International as possible. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help us out, please send checks to:
Environmental Campus Organization
TSU Center For Student Involvement
100 E Normal St.
Kirksville, MO 63501
Memo line “Heifer International”

Thank you,
Truman State University ECO

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